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Insight Into My Making Process

At the beginning of every new piece, I take a gather of glass from the furnace, shape it and add my colour to it.

Getting them both colours and the clear glass so hot they melt in together. I then get a second gather of glass from the furnace.

Each layer of glass dictates the size and weight of the piece.

As the gathers build up, I shape it with wet newspaper. Getting the form of the piece ready to blow onto my steel wire grid mould.

In this new process, I slump the glass over the steel wire grid mould rather than my typical practice of blowing into it.

Now the glass has taken the moulds form, it is ready to crack off and put in the lehre.

With my assistants help, the glass goes into the lehre to anneal for 24 hours.

Then I cross my fingers and pray to the glass gods for a perfect piece!


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